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Entrion provides Offshore NDT & Recertification services to ensure the safety and integrity of your equipment, recertify equipment and support five and ten year special periodic surveys (SPS). Our NDT procedures are based on international regulations and norms, and include ultrasonic, magnetic particle, dye penetrant, hardness, visual and dimensional inspection. We employ a variety of cost optimization strategies such as executing work in-between wells to reduce ship yard stay, inspecting multiple OEMs equipment, employing a multi-skilled team and minimizing equipment needed to be sent to workshops to reduce costs while ensuring top quality of our services.


Entrion’s Vendor Surveillance & Inspection Program is designed to provide you with on-time on-budget delivery of reliable safe equipment, for new-builds or upgrades. The program incorporates lessons learned and our historical surveillance database, utilizing professionals located near your manufacturers to provide cost-effective consistent results. Our professionals have backgrounds from drillers, class, producers, and OEM’s and have extensive experience with Drilling Equipment, Subsea Equipment, Drill Pipe, BOP Stack & Control Systems, Risers, Topside Equipment, Marine Systems, and Propulsion & Power Systems.


To help you operate and maintain equipment, and execute projects offshore, Entrion has multi-skilled Engineers and SWAT teams based in Brazil, Houston, Norway and Singapore. Our SWAT teams consist of a team lead and experienced technicians including the following disciplines: Mechanical, Electrical, Control Systems, Structural, Marine and Rope Access. Example projects are installation and commissioning of Weatherford MPD systems, inspection and refurbishment of BOP and Diverter control systems for SPS, rig acceptance project addressing the close out of drilling and Well Control Equipment punch items, and support for in-between well and EOW subsea maintenance.


Entrion provides engineering services to improve asset performance including design review and systems upgrade or customization, including mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and controls disciplines. Our engineering team is complemented by our onshore vendor surveillance and offshore field services teams for a holistic approach. Entrion’s risk management solutions encompass technical and financial risk. Technical risk includes development and implementation of maintenance management systems and financial risk includes the implementation of the Entrion’s ProFin Risk™ Value At Risk application (VAR), and integration of trading and risk management applications.

About The Company

With offices in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, Entrion provides quality and risk management services to producers, drilling contractors, and shipyards worldwide. We employ experienced and highly qualified professionals who are available on-demand and easily accessible near major equipment vendors.

Our services include:

Vendor Surveillance Services to provide on-time, on-budget delivery of reliable safe equipment.

• Audit and Verification Services to help select suppliers and ensure suppliers comply with requirements and industry standards.

• Project Support services to help successfully execute projects.

Technology solutions to automate and simplify operations and risk management business processes.

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