Health and Safety

Entrion is an international risk management company performing project management, third party inspections, and customer witness activities whose mission is to deliver simple solutions to complex problems and provide an environment for its team to excel.

At Entrion, HSE is a core value expressed in our HSE mindset:

• We firmly believe that all incidents can be prevented. We continually strive for zero harm to personnel.

• We focus on employee health and are continually improving the work environment.

• We conduct our operations through efficient use of material and energy to minimize waste and damage to the environment. We recycle where it is feasible to recycle and dispose of material goods safely.

• We actively include employees’ input and contribution for the creation of this Policy and the living HSE mindset.

To live up to our HSE mindset, Entrion shall:

• Require every employee to take personal responsibility and accountability for HSE by focusing on self-behavior.

• Apply a systematic and measurable approach to continually improve HSE culture and mindset through HSE goals.

• Bring our high HSE standards wherever we perform business. Complying with applicable laws and regulations is only the minimum.

• Openly communicate HSE issues and performance.

• Include HSE performance in selection, appraisal, and reward of our staff.

• Integrate HSE into all business processes.

• Require top management to provide HSE leadership and implement this Policy to all employees.